Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I will be teaching-Daily schedule

When deciding what to teach and when, I look at a lot of different factors. The first thing is the students IEP goals and objectives. I put all of their goals and objectives on an excel spreadsheet like the example below, one student per sheet. I also use this sheet to summarize their weekly data for each goal so that I have it all in one place.

Based on their goals and objectives, as well as other needs I have identified, I come up with a list of subjects I want to cover, that will encompass it all. Since we are a middle school, start at a weird time, and have  periods that are 47 minutes long with a 4 minute passing period, I decided to not do a time schedule and to just stick to our 7 period bell schedule. I also need to consider my adult coverage and their breaks, so that I always have someone in my class. For each period, there is a mix of adult directed work and independent work (or work that can be loosely monitored).

This is the daily schedule I have come up with:

Before school:  Buses and Breakfast
Period 1: Morning meeting, Hygiene
Period 2: Teacher time (Lang Arts), Life Skills, Independent Work
Period 3: Teacher Time (Math, IEP goals that don't fit elsewhere), Fluency, Binders
Period 4: PE- All my students go to PE so I can have a planning period
Lunch- All of my students go to the cafeteria so I can have my lunch
Period 5: Social Skills, school jobs
Period 6: Science/SS (ULS curriculum), Fine Motor, Computers
Period 7: Classroom jobs, Choice, clean up/go home

1st and 5th periods are a little shorter since the students take longer than average to eat, so I only have 2 rotations.

Every other Friday, we will be out in the community all day. These will be bus trips. On alternating weeks, likely Tuesday or Thursday, we will go out into our local community 5th-7th  periods. These will be walking trips. On the Fridays we are not in the community, we will have FUN Friday 5th-7th periods. These activities will be art, music, holidays, birthdays, etc.

I will tweak this as I go along, because it can look fine on paper, and then not work in reality.

Next, I look at their goals and objectives, and group students according to similar skills, taking into account behavior and communication needs.  More on that in the next blog post.

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