Monday, August 17, 2015

Rotation Descriptions- Teacher Time/Direct Instruction (DI)

This is what I will cover during my 2nd period. Please see schedule HERE for more information on what my daily student schedule looks like. I will cover Life skills and IW in my next post.

Teacher Time and Direct Instruction are basically the same thing. I changed up the titles so that the students have a different schedule icon they need to get used to. In this case, Teacher time refers to LA arts instruction. I prefer the more general title instead of LA or Reading because it leaves me free to cover anything that's on the IEP. Most of my students have several LA goals, though, so it's easy to focus on this.

This year I either have students working on very basic concepts, like recognizing their names, or students that can already read and do some basic writing. When I looked at the Autism Helper's new LA curriculum, I was pretty excited as all of it directly corresponded to what  ALL of my students are working on according to their IEPs. SCORE! You can find this here, if you're interested. So that is what I will be starting the school year with. I will include it not only here, but in their binder work, as well. Once I get a feel for the students and their needs, I might change it up a little, but this is it for the first few weeks.

I will also be doing some guided reading, focusing on comprehension. We will take turns reading out loud. We will also do News-2-You, which has some great activities. Fridays will be devoted to writing activities for the higher group. The students in my higher group are working on writing sentences on topic, given a prompt.

My students in the lower group are working on very basic concepts, which the Level 1 curriculum focuses on very well. I will also include this in their binder work. I will also do read alouds for this group, but I will be doing the reading. We'll have a story map with visuals, as well as other activities. This book will be the focus for a couple of days, and I will also include work related to this book in their binders, as well as in their IW boxes.  On Fridays we will be practicing some fine motor skills related to academics. I have a fine motor rotation that will be more art or life skills oriented.

My Direct Instruction rotation is basically Math, but there are a few other goals and objectives that I won't be covering elsewhere that I will cover during this time, or other curriculum to cover the same concepts. As with the reading curriculum, I will be using The Autism Helper's Math Leveled Daily Curriculum and her multiplication curriculum, as well. Again, I was thrilled to see how closely this curriculum followed all of my student's IEP goals related to Math. You can find these HERE and HERE. In addition to these, I will be using a wide range of manipulatives and visuals to complement the curriculum.

Next post will cover Life Skills and Independent Work.

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