Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rotation descriptions- Hygiene/Morning Meeting

I've shared with you my process for deciding what I am going to teach, my schedules and student groupings, and yesterday my classroom layout.

In this post, I will start to describe what I am teaching in these rotations. I will start with Period 1 which is our Morning meeting time, and when the students do Hygiene. I split this into 2 groups. One group needs a little more support to get through hygiene, have lower overall skills, and  have communication devices. The other group is very quick but fairly independent (or I anticipate they will be independent). They are more academic, and can read and write to a degree.

This is middle school so hygiene has to do with using deodorant, brushing their teeth, washing hands and face, and combing, brushing,  or picking their hair out. I have visuals for all of these in the bathroom, right next to the sink. They have gone to the bathroom after breakfast, so this is not the focus of hygiene.

Morning meeting is a Para run station. I am typically checking for family communication, my emails, prepping for the day, etc. Although I am doing those things, I also observe and assist, depending on my workload in the morning, and how the students are doing.

The lower group will work on greetings using their communication devices, as well as answering these visual daily questions that I got from Breezy Special ED. We will then move onto calendar concepts and review what is coming up. I also use a variety of calendar sheets I have gotten online, as well as The Autism Helper's Leveled Daily Work- Levl 1Work. They use daubers or markers or their devices to do the sheets, depending on individual need.

The other group will also work on greetings, and a discussion on what they did the night before, what they ate for breakfast, etc. We will also use these set of questions I got from Lakeshore. One student will be the leader for this and ask the other students. We will discuss more general calendar concepts such as what holidays or special events are coming up, and elapsed time concepts. One student will write the date in words, and another the date in numbers. This group will also use the Autism Helper's Leveled Daily Work, but Level 2. This is a little more complex and was successfully used last year. I would highly recommend all three of these resources!

Next post will be Teacher Time/Direct Instruction.

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