Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rotation descriptions- Fluency station +data sheet freebie

My fluency station is basically a flash card station, although sometimes there are worksheets. This is a station where we work on time and accuracy with known facts. An example of this would be if you showed a student  4 dimes and 2 nickels and asked how much money that was  altogether and they counted each cent separately. Yes, they would eventually arrive at the answer, but how functional is this skill? If you are at the store and the cashier tells you something is 50 cents and you pull out your change, but then have to count each cent individually, it would take forever and they would get upset. That isn't a functional skill. I want students to  see a small handful of change, and be able to  give someone 50 cents within a reasonable time frame if they are asked to do so. And I want them to be this automatic for many skills: money, time, math facts, sight words, colors, shape, numbers, letters, survival words, labeling, etc. This takes time and repetition and that is where this station comes in.

So, I use a variety of flash cards that I have picked up from the dollar store, thrift stores,  garage sales, and anyplace that sells them cheap :). I also purchased this Fluency pack from The Autism Helper.

This has come in handy as everything is already done for you, which is a great deal considering how much time something like that takes to create. I know, because I made a few flash cards myself, and frankly, I'd rather purchase it and have that extra time to play with my dog and maybe drink a margarita.

I also use this set that I got from The Autism Tank.  This has a nice variety of labeling sheets that are easier to administer to non verbal students.

Here is the copy of the data sheet I use .

Next up is  my binder station.

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