Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rotation Descriptions- Binder station

My binder station is an easy set up. It can be both an independent station, as well as supported by an IA. In my classroom, it is both. My students have such a wide range of skills, and even though several are capable, focus is oftentimes an issue. I have one student who will use every opportunity to draw when left to his own devices and not do the actual work for a particular center. There are other places in my classroom where they can practice being independent.

The actual set up is also easy. I have access to free 1 inch white binders at my school. I color code the spines for each group, and print their names on them. I keep them on a bookshelf. Students find their name and grab the binder and sit down at the table.

With a support person there, they can help students, which means it doesn't all have to be known material. Once I teach a concept in Teacher time/DI, I can put extra sheets in their binders for them to practice. The Para can also check work once a student is done with a page, and have them redo problems that were incorrect.

For my binders, I am using a variety of resources. I will be using the Math and Literacy curriculum from the Autism Helper (which you can find in this post). In addition, I have a few binder systems I have purchased from Autism Adventures of Room 83, which you can find in her TPT store HERE.

In addition, I use a few odd worksheets here and there that I have always had, and resources from the internet. These are the ones I use the most:

These are my go-tos for worksheets, but if they don't have what I want, I just google it. In addition to these, I also use TPT as they have hundreds of free resources for many different topics.

Next up is classroom jobs and school jobs.

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