Saturday, August 15, 2015

Classroom floorplan

Yesterday, I went in to help interview for some SPED teaching and Para positions in my building. Afterwards, I went to my room and was grateful to see that they had mostly put furniture back to the way it was last year. Yay for our custodial staff! They work hard in the summertime.

 Once I had figured out what to teach and had done the schedules, it was really easy to  rearrange my furniture to fit the rotations I had decided on.This  will differ each year depending on the needs of my students. I also have to take in consideration how many adults I have in the classroom and whether we have a visual on all of the students when there are only a couple of adults in the classroom.

After a couple hours of work, I had everything arranged. We have a brand new building, which is great! However, I don't think they consulted teachers at all because there is NO built in storage in any classroom. This is why there are so many cabinets and shelves, but they have been perfect to rearrange as dividers for the different areas.

I am lucky enough to have a separate kitchen and bathroom that is attached to my room. I share it with the room on the other side of the kitchen, but because they are a different SPED program, they rarely use it.

The left upper corner is all my area. I know there are some of you that are minimalists out there, but I need that space. That entire wall is windows, which I love, especially in our dark and gray winters. The door to the classroom is on the bottom right.

Once I have arranged some of the work on the shelves a little better, I'll take photos of each area.And there you have it.


  1. I always love a good floor plan example! Thanks for sharing!!
    Autism Classroom Resources

  2. wow! nice work, you have lots of space and I agree, the teacher work area is a must! Paula

    1. The regular classrooms are bigger, but I am not complaining as this works for us. And yes, I couldn't do it without that space to put things together.