Thursday, June 18, 2015

Finally, school's out!

Whew, I am so glad this school year is over! It was a hectic last few days, but I got through it. I had to pack up my classroom and start the preparations for next year. It was sad to say goodbye to  3 of my students who are moving on to high school, but we did some transitions at their new school and I feel confident that they are ready and that it will go smoothly.

Here are the last few days in a nut shell.

Keeping the students calm. Any kind of transition can be stressful, but this guy does a good job of getting what he needs to destress. We didn't have any big issues this year, for which I am grateful.

The paperwork piled up at the end, but I got through it: IEPs, progress reports, report cards, ESY, last minute personal papers.

I decided to try something new with organization for next year and that is having monthly boxes organized by themes and boxes for very specific subjects such as behavior or science and social studies, etc, that are not organized by monthly themes. Boy was this a hassle to put together but thank goodness for my wonderful Paras who did the bulk of this! We'll be adding to it as the school year progresses.

Finally, goodbyes. I received this wonderful card from one of my student's parents and it touched my heart. This is what makes my job worthwhile and why I continue to stick with it.


  1. Your desk picture cracks me up!! It looks awfully similar to mine during the last month or so of school ;-) I love the box idea! I bet it was a hassle, but I'm sure you'll appreciate it in the long run!!

    1. Yes, that last week in particular is now a big blur, lol. I'm hoping that those boxes work, because I am not in a "getting ready for school" state of mind at all.