Saturday, February 7, 2015

My week in photos

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It's been a rough week. I am still reeling from my Hashimoto's diagnosis and trying to find out everything I can about this disease. My honey and I and our 2 dogs took a minute to relax today from our hectic and stressful week and went down to the beach. It felt good.

Yesterday, we had an unscheduled fire alarm due to some construction. Naturally, it was raining. I have headphones due to the alarm noise, which is literally loud enough to damage ear drums but is super intense for my students.

We have been working on Black History month activities and this is our bulletin board right outside our classroom. The students worked on their fine motor skills by cutting people of color out from magazines and pasting them on a window, that we then attached to our bus. The speech bubbles are statements reflecting responsibility (how they help at home, school, and in the community), respect (how they respect people at home, school and community), and how they were willing to change things at home, at school, and what they wanted to see in the community.

 Next up, we have fun Fridays every Friday. This is when we cook, or do seasonal art, or play games, etc. This week we did drama. One of my Paras was a drama major in school and he does a great job with this whenever we do it. We had the students acting out different emotions when saying today is Friday. The kids really got into it.
 We also threw in a couple of different languages: Spanish and Norwegian.

Finally, I started off my week by visiting the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge here in Washington. It felt good to be out in nature after getting my diagnosis.

 That was my week in a nutshell.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Hashimoto's diagnosis! You might want to check out for information on the disease and how going gluten free might help. I have a friend who has the disease and has decreased her "numbers" by the hundreds with dietary changes. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for that suggestion, I will definitely do that! I have been doing Whole30 since the beginning of January, thus gluten free, so who knows how high my numbers were before I got the diagnosis. My numbers were in the thousands so hearing that other people have decreased theirs with dietary changes does my heart good. I'll know more in March when she redoes the blood work. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!!

  2. Do you still have your blog post about managing paraprofessionals? You said you had a handbook but I can't find it anywhere. Can you post a link or send me one? Sorry that this is unrelated to this specific blog post.