Wednesday, October 1, 2014 this the last CHANGE??????

because my heart can't take anymore, lol.

Talk about long, drawn out start to a new school year. I interviewed last Friday for a k-2 position in an autism program. They called my middle school principal for a recommendation. He texts me and asks me if I am looking for work, because there is an open position at my old school. I tell him only if it is in the autism program. He does his magic and there is suddenly a vacancy in the autism program. (No people were harmed in this decision). Then I get a call from the Elementary school, offering me the K-2 position. Then the AP in the school I am currently in calls me in and tells me she heard that I might be going to the middle school, how can she keep me at the high school. This all happened in the last 24 hours. And all of a sudden I have to make a decision about 3 different positions, and make it by 4 pm today.

 My heart has been palpitating all day, to the point where I have a greater appreciation for folks that suffer from panic attacks. At 3:30 I  had a meeting at the middle school that ended with a full blown interview, with people that I had worked with for 6 years so it seemed weird to me, but that I was not prepared for. And right after this was when I had to call folks and let them know my decision.

 Even though it was stressful, stressful, STRESSFUL, I made the decision to go with what is easiest for me at this time of the year, and that is the middle school autism program that I put together last year, and left at the end of the school year for my current, about-to-end position. I know the staff, students, and the program, and have curriculum maps for the year.  Soooo, after I made that decision, and the calls, I was second guessing myself. What if I made a mistake?????? Don't you hate that??? But the decision is made, so that is that. I went from feeling very job insecure, and rightfully so, to having jobs coming out of my ears. And that has been the start to my school year. Now I need to

 do some deep breathing,  and go to my happy place.


  1. Oh man! I am a firm believer that you are where you are supposed to be and if that's middle school then Yay! Maybe your work there was quite done yet. Good luck! Keep us posted!!


  2. Wow! So glad you have a home now though! That must have been super stressful! Now back to your old comfort zone. Hoping things go well for you!

  3. Oh boy, Jannike - what a position to be in - THREE jobs on offer but as you say what will the future bring in each so it is immensely stressful but I agree with what the others are saying and I think you made the right choice for now - better the things you know and feel comfortable with after all the upheaval you've recently undergone. Take care and look forward to your next post telling us how it's all going!