Thursday, October 9, 2014

God bless SLPs!

My job is still in flux. This has been the crappiest start to my new school year, by far. Yesterday morning I was set to start my new job on Monday, and today that move is dead in its tracks. I have now gotten the union involved and am hoping for resolution soon.

In the meantime, my current students are a joy. I have just 2, and then during our 1st period every day, I have an older girl, an ex student of mine actually, who is doing some transition work in my room. She acts as a TA and levels books, cuts laminate for me, and does odd jobs I need done. She also works with the kids and they really respond to her! In the photo below, she is in the one in orange, taking a break and enjoying the musical interlude.

This past Wednesday, the SLP came into our room and brought her guitar.  We formed a small group and she played all kinds of songs. It was a truly  wonderful session and my students absolutely loved it! In this picture, the SLP is playing, my one student held her wrist the entire time she was strumming, and both students had beaming smiles. It was such a fun moment, and then to see my students respond and be so focused, it just made my day! God bless our service providers for the excellent work they do to reach our lowest students!


  1. I love the new look of your blog, Jannike - very uplifting :) I hope you get your job issues resolved soon so you know where you are and can settle down and get on with things. As for music, if only we could have a little more time in schools devoted to that I am sure more children would feel better and happier in their learning!
    Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

    1. Thank you, I love it, too. Still battling with the job. I was hoping to get it resolved this week but one of the major decision makers decided to go on vacation and won't be back until Monday.So I am still waiting and waiting and waiting. But I do love my 2 students and yes, because they both love music, I incorporate a lot of it throughout the day. It makes me happy, too!