Sunday, September 21, 2014

Changes AGAIN, argh!!

So I had major plans to post at least once a week, if not more, with this new school year. But alas, there have been too many changes, and next to no district funding (can you say deja vu?), for me to feel settled and get into a groove. And now there are even more.

There were supposed to be 2 med frag programs in my school because of a large influx of new students, because the caseload limits for a med/frag program are 6 students, and we were getting 11. This is also one of the only special ed programs in the district that is not allowed to overload. So I thought I was set. But my classroom is now down to 2 students, and the other is down to 4, all through attrition such as kids moving out of district, staying home, changing medical status, etc. That is only 1 program worth of kids. Since they haven't funded it, there is a good chance they might pull the plug, leaving me without a job.

One of my admins, god bless her, said I shouldn't worry, they can try to patch something together. But I am not a patch kind of gal. I am a mod-to profound self-contained teacher by education, training, experience, and desire. I am not a resource teacher, nor do I have the desire to be one. I also believe that if I case manage a student, I should have the student in at least one class so I can get to know them and write the IEP from first hand knowledge. My union rep said in a worst case scenario I would be displaced. That is not going to happen because I am in charge of my own destiny. So now I am on a job hunt again.

 There are several jobs in my district still open that look interesting, all autism/severe profund, but at the K-2 grade level. EEEKKK. I have never done primary before, so it both terrifies me and excites me at the same time. Anyone else out there done both? How different are they? Anyway, I have put in applications, and now it is a waiting game. Wish me luck!


  1. Speaking from the primary teacher view over here in England - there is so much that can be accomplished with younger children and they give so much back :-) And I do believe the younger they can get the specialised extra help the more impact this has on their lives and happiness!! Wishing you every success in whichever path you choose to follow :-)
    Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace