Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Status minus 7 days

So I need to seriously VEEEEENNNNNTTTTTT!!!! Students start next Wednesday, exactly 7 days from today. Is my room ready? Nope. Do I have a schedule? Nope. Do I have access to a printer, or Boardmaker, or any appropriate curriculum besides what I have purchased from TPT? Nope. Can I use the curriculum I have from TPT? Not sure yet because I have no idea who my students are or what these unknown students can do. I was initially given a list and I got a chance to see their IEPs, but it turns out they might not be my students after all. But even if I did, I have no access to a printer. Do I have any technology for these students, such as switches or  Big Macs? Nope. But someone came in yesterday and assured me that I would have the furniture I need for my room before school starts. And that at the end of September, I would have therapy tables for my students. And that at the beginning of October I would have 8 iPads. Of course, the students start SEPTEMBER 3. That is 7 days from today, and the last time I checked, that is not the end of September or the beginning of October.

Here is what has happened so far. I have received 3 tables. End of furniture update. I am still waiting for bookshelves, file cabinets, a teacher desk, and chairs because everything that is in there now is leaving as it is slated for someone else. And then Boardmaker, a printer, switches and other AT stuff, curriculum of any kind, etc. And folks came today and took all of the items in these 2 photos that I cleaned from the kitchen cupboards. This was after I set aside what we would use in the classroom. You can see some of my boxes in the background  that I will need to put away once they remove all of the other teacher's stuff. They are coming on Friday to do that. This is so awful I have no choice but to laugh. End of vent. I now return you to your regular programming. Sigh.

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  1. Awww I'm so sorry! That is so tough when you get put in a spot where you have no way to control or change it! I know myself, it drives me crazy so I feel your pain! Keep your head up, enjoy your labor day weekend and know that everything always falls into place!